Voiceover Website Audits

Take the Mystery Out of
Maximizing Your Voiceover Website

Get a detailed voiceover website audit for a website that converts cold leads to prospects!

Stuck on how to improve your voiceover website?

Make the most out of your website’s first impression with a voiceover website audit!

Your voiceover website is your best marketing tool. You get one chance to make a good first impression. Don’t waste it! If your website isn’t representing your best, let’s improve it!

What if you could work with a web designer who’s also a fellow voice actor and understands the industry?

As a fellow voice actor with over a decade of digital media design experience, I’ll assess the strengths and weaknesses of your site. I’ll then provide direction on how to improve. If you implement my suggestions, prospects will find exactly what they need fast and easily.

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An audit from Voiceover Website Audits includes…

Voiceover Website Essentials

Does your website have the essential ingredients and functionality that a voiceover website needs?

Your Biography

Is your bio written to convert leads to prospects? Or does it contain fluff that nobody cares about?

Your Headshot/Avatar

What kind of imagery best serves your brand? And should you use a headshot VS an avatar?

Branding & Overall Design

Does your branding match your voice? Does your design look professional?

Your SEO

Your SEO at a glance – and ways you can make simple improvements.

Site Functionality

Is your site responsive? Does it function well? Can you navigate it easily?

What is a website audit?

How It Works

1.  Purchase the Standard Website Audit, or the Premium Website Audit

2. I will spend time assessing your website and come up with a comprehensive list of where your website is excelling, and where it can be improved.

3. I will send you my report in a word document with my suggestions.

4. If you purchased the Premium Website Audit, I will schedule a 30-minute zoom consultation where we will go over the report in further detail.

5. I will suggest the next steps for you, whether you need a couple of tweaks here and there, or a full website redesign.


What Others Are Saying

Katelyn Dawn not only demonstrates artistic and technical prowess in WordPress web design but also pays close attention to all the writing within for best SEO practices. I have hired her multiple times and will continue to do so because she is worth every penny!

Christina Aguinaga

Voice Actor

Katelyn has an incredible eye for the small details that make such a BIG difference. More importantly, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Roman Bari

Voice Actor

Why Voiceover Website Audits


A Voice Actor with an Eye for Branding & Design

As an experienced web designer I am very familiar with the most popular website tools like WordPress, website builders like Divi and Elementor, popular hosting providers, and SEO best practices.

I’ve helped many clients articulate their unique brand message through story, color, imagery, and functionality.

I understand how to cater to your buyer and make them the hero when they interact with your brand. People work with brands who get them and understand what they need.

I’d love to put my expertise to use and help you upgrade your site to be as effective as possible starting with a website audit!

– Katelyn Dawn –

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